On Sunday, January 28, 2018 the Sixth Edition of the Reflex Xtreme Challenge at San Sebastian, Puerto Rico had a participation of 832 athletes in the different categories. They participated in a 3.6 mile course with thirty simultaneous obstacles that tested their agility, strength and endurance.

Our special guest, a Puerto Rican from the city of Miami, Jay Flores defended the title of champion for the elite men's division scoring a time of 34.36 minutes. Jay is a competitor with many years of experience in local and international races.

Flores: “It was a race filled with challenges, from running up hill, a lot of mud, as well as simultaneous obstacles. There was no time to rest or take it easy. It was a race full of exciting challenges.”

“It was an epic battle with my teammates that eventually came down to the last two obstacles. No matter how far you are behind, you must keep fighting to the finish line. I hope that the interview will inspire others to participate in OCR events!”

In the elite female division was Amaliz Sosa of the municipality of Salinas, Puerto Rico. Who defended the championship with a time of 50.52 minutes. Amaliz is also a competitor with years of experience in Puerto Rican races.

Sosa: “It was a very challenging race after climbing hills and getting over obstacles is a physical and emotional challenge. It was an excellent race with a high level of competencies.”

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