Photo Volunteers

As a volunteer I am committed to bring a service of excellence to the competitors as well as the expectators.

In order for them to have an unforgettable experience.

Each volunteer has the option to choose where he/she wants to serve. Whether is helping organize the obstacle race.

At registry handing out inscription packages. Assisting at the start and finish lines. At the festival area. Motivating participants to complete each obstacle or even reach the finish line. Indicating the route. Keeping a record of penalties and making sure that they are completed. Serving water at the different oasis spots.

Giving the awards and medals once the participants have crossed the finish line and handed out their chip at registry.

Collecting the chronometers chips.

Photo Volunteers


They must complete the registry form with all the required information.

In the Fun Category, the participants who cannot complete an obstacle have a penalty of 30 Burpees repetitions.

When assigned to an oasis, cups must be filled and ready on the table.

Also have ready a trash bag to collect all the used cups once the race is finished.

If assigned to a route the staff or volunteer must be prepared to indicate the correct path to go to continue the race.

In case of an emergency, if any participant needs medical assistance due to a lesion, cramps, dizziness, or simply can’t continue with the race, the staff or volunteer needs to immediately notify via walked talkie to get the necessary attendance as soon as possible.

Buses will be available on route to deliver refreshments, shift change, or pick up or drop off of anyone in need.

Photo Volunteers

Package includes the following:

Once the race is completed all personnel can run it together.

Free admission to the next event posted in the calendar.

A t-shirt with the official logo.

An official medal.



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